2017 Chinese Medicine Industry Innovation Development Forum

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Conceived in the spirit of the Nobel Prize, the WNPLS was formed to encourage the basic science, research and scientific talent of the next generation of scientists and to advance medical research for the benefit of humanity. As an annual forum for the exchange of ideas and scientific research with world leading scientists, academicians and medical professionals, the WNPLS promotes enthusiasm, encourages learning, inspiration and transformative action by individuals, public and private institutions.
The establishment of ISSCNL played a crucial role in joining Nobel Laureates with China’s talented medical professionals in a collaborative effort to improve medical research, administration, treatment and outcomes. The society has rapidly become a significant international conference for related fields and a widely influential academic exchange platform.
In step with social progress and advances in medical technology, improving human health has evolved into a quantifiable goal based on continuous improvement. By employing better discovery methods, it is clear that the incidence of cancer is climbing and the diversity of the disease spectrum is a serious threat to human health. Currently over a million, the population of tumor patients will rise steadily in the next 30 years. The demand for accurate, effective clinical treatment and adherence to strict rules and standards will rise alongside disease rates.

Featured Activities: 
• U.S.-China Academician Symposia
 Medical-Health Industry Expo
 Call for Abstracts
 Satellite Symposia
• U.S.-China Academician 

Target Audience: 
The 2016 WNPLS conference on Precision Medicine is intended for oncologists, fellows and residents, research scientists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, allied health professionals, hospital directors, biotech firms and pharmaceutical companies, government officials and policy makers, and others involved in the care of cancer patients.

Learning Objectives:
As a result of attending this meeting, attendees will be able to:
 Interpret contemporary research findings on the prevention of and screening for cancers and be
   able to appropriately implement these findings into clinical practice;
• Examine the significance of novel approaches to the medical and surgical management of
   Gastrointestinal cancer within the context of the current standard of care and be able to
   integrate new therapies into clinical practice in an evidence-based manner;
• Explain how new developments in genetics apply to the quest of providing personalized cancer
• Assess the implications for future research and clinical practice of new developments in
   translational research on a variety of cancers;
• Demonstrate improvement in competence, performance and patient outcomes; 
 Identify and explain the latest trends in global research, methods, and technology in the
   treatment of cancers;
• Summarize the effects of state policy healthcare actions/inactions on the business operations of
   their individual practices.

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