5th World Laureate Science

Summit: 2018

Why Become a Sponsor

The 2018 World Laureate Science Summit will be China’s Most Anticipated Medical Science Event of the year.

At this annual summit, our audience learn directly from some of the world’s leading scientists and physicians whom have made dramatic breakthroughs in cancer therapy.
Preliminary Summit Program Highlights:
  · Presentations given by 5 Nobel Laureates       
· Presentations from over 10 Academy Members
  · Internationally renowned Life Science professionals in attendance
Participants include: 
· 30% China hospital directors and physicians
   · 20% Medical institution head’s and physicians
   · 20% Biotech firms and medical equipment manufacturing professionals
   · 15% Medical science researchers
   ·  5% Government officials and policy coordinators
   · 10% Other healthcare investment enterprises
Become a sponsor for the 2018 Laureate Science Summit and enjoy the benefits of:
· Showcasing your expertise on a global stage;
   · Networking and engaging with key contacts  in cancer studies across China,
   · Reaching global participating audience and individuals who are interested in
     cancer research that follow us through social-media outlets.


Downloadable PDF of Sponsorship Opportunities


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